“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

It’s weird.  I’m not even sure how to start this thing off but here goes nothing…

My name is Kalita. I am a photographer.

Well, I’m more than a photographer; I help encapsulate reality through imagery, like a “capturer” of moments.  Yeah, that sounds right.

My name is Kalita, and I capture moments.

Photography is a gift to the future.  Through photography, through a still shot, generations are able to see, and possibly feel, a moment in time.

As a “capturer” of moments, one of my main desires is to help bring forth the most authentic versions of the people I am capturing.  That is why I was overjoyed when singer song-writer, Chanda Mukula contacted me to do her session!

For those of you who don’t know her, let me introduce you to Chanda.  She is the writer of such beautiful melodies as “Have Your Way” and the mega gospel hit taking the world by storm “Mention” .

In preparation for a national conference geared toward creatives,  the Create 19 event,  Chanda wanted to update her head shots.

Like most of my creatives, time is usually an issue –she’s a busy woman (and she’s only going to get busier).  We only had 1-hour to get this session done.  Let me tell you, she made that hour count.

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Full of personality and anointing, Chanda Mukula

While setting up, Chanda and I were able to chat about some of the additional upcoming events she had to prepare for.  She and Fresh Start Worship were performing at the Pre-Show for the The Stellar Awards.  We talked about the impact the words she had written, specifically for the song “Mention,” were having on the hearts of the people who heard it. She mentioned (see what I did there) that while creating it she had to remain quiet for a long time so that she could fully articulate what God wanted to relay to His people.

One thing she said that will forever remain with me “if you’re quiet and listen to what God is saying to you, He will tell you exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it!

Now, that’ll preach!

I don’t know if any other songwriters do this, but you can tell that her words were designed to create an impact!

After I gathered myself together (the girl had me crying and what not), my job was easy.  Chanda expressed that she would probably need some assistance with posing but honestly, she is more of a pro than she realizes. She has a lot of personality and that bleeds through these images.

Really catching people in their most  sincere moments is what I try to do with my gift in photography. I am so grateful that I had the chance to capture one of the sincerest songwriters and worship leaders I know—Chanda Mukula!

The song “Mention” by Fresh Start Worship is available on all digital platforms.


DOPE! It’s such an intimate thing taking photos of people so I know they were going to get a genuine perspective on the topics that you going to bring great job encourage you to keep going

In His Name and Image, you’re making a difference! You’ve always been an inspiration for me. I’m very proud of you, sister!

I’ve always seen u not only as my Baby Sis, but my daughter as well since you and your nephew/brother are so close in age, when Mommie Transitioned I knew you and I would need each other you were her last and I was her first, don’t know but those positions bind you to your Mom a little differently than those in the middle. I’m so so Proud to say when I see your work “ That’s my Baby Sister” you are a Phenomenal Woman, Sister, Wife and Mother. Keep doing God’s work. You’re a Great “Capturer” of images

This is a amazing read! Thank you for sharing your Mutiple gifts with the world Kalita and Chanda. The best is yet to come! #Norestrictions2019

Great photos and great advice. We can all use a few extra moments of just listening to hear what the Lord has say.

This is an awesome example of your passion. You exude excellence when you “capture ” the moment, the smile, the reaction of whatever you are focused on at that moment. God has truly given you a gift and I am glad that you continue to use it for HIS glory. So nothing but good will come to this journey we call life. Cause at the “mention of His name….” you know the rest and it is fitting that you were able to capture the artist…and artistry of Chanda…

You are a blessing, sis! Thank you for being you!